SEVENTEEN - 9th Mini Album [Attacca]

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SEVENTEEN - 9th Mini Album [Attacca]

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Physical Album release date on 10/22/2021

- 3 types  [Op.1, Op.2, Op.3] 
- Photobook (78p) : Op.1 3p, Op.2 3p, Op.3 4p  , each version random 1p 
- Lyric Case  :  different design for each version  
- 1CD : different design for each version 이 
- Layered Card  : random 1p out of each version 13p (first press limited) 
- Photo Postcard  : random 1p out of each version 13p  
- Folding Card : random 1p out of each version 13p 
- Photo card : random 2p out of each version 26p 
- Poster :  random 1p out of 4p  


Estimated Time of Arrival: 3-4 weeks after release date/shipment in Korea.

NOTE: Version might be random. Posters of albums for pick up at the store are rolled. Posters of album for shipment are folded, if you want it to be tubed, add a Poster Tube to your cart (additional cost for shipment may occur). Previous/old album releases do not include poster.


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