BTS - Anthology Album [Proof] (Standard Edition + Compact Edition)

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BTS Proof Album (Standard Version + Compact Version)

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Physical Album release date on 06/10/2022

Standard Version
Outer Sleeeve: 1ea
Outer  box: 1ea
The Art of Proof: 1ea
Photograph: 1ea
Epilogue: 1ea
Lyrics: 1ea
CD Plate: 1ea
CD: 3ea
Photocard A (Set): 7ea
Photocard B (Random): 1 out of 8
Postcard (Random): 1 out of 8ea
Poster: 1ea

Compact Version

Outer Sleeve: 1ea
Booklet: 1ea
CD Plate: 1ea
CD: 3ea
Photocard (Random): 1 out of 7
Mini Poster: 1ea
Discography Guide: 1ea

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