Chingudeul! We are opening our bigger location next week—and we have a loooot in store for you! 

Due to covid restrictions, we'll only be accepting customers with reservations through our RSVP link. We'll be giving (1) one physical ticket with random k-pop group print per reservation. During this time (June 25th-July 4th), no walk-ins will be allowed.

Before booking a timeslot, please do take time to read the guidelines below:

1. Only people who have reservations through this link will be allowed to enter the store on June 25th to July 4th.
2. You may choose a timeslot and number of pax to enter the store. On the scheduled day, please show up 5-10mins before the booked timeslot.
3. Face mask must be on at all times.
4. Our store is open Tuesday-Sunday (11:00am PST until 8:00pm PST, last admission is 7:10pm PST) each session is limited to 45 minutes.
5. Please note that cancellation is not allowed from one day prior to the reserved date of your visit.

Reservations to visit are made through online booking and you can apply through these links

1 Pax

2 Pax

3 Pax

4 Pax


For E-mail Inquiries:

We can't wait to see you all again!