tvN Drama-Gumiho OST (CD Album)

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tvN Drama-Gumiho OST (CD Album)

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Physical Album release date on 12/04/2020  


  • LYRIC BOOK (54p)
  • CD


01 .Blue Moon-Kim Jong-wan of NELL
02. I’ll Be There-Shownu (Monsta X)
03. Wolah Love Song (月兒戀歌)-Lin
04. Dawn Diary-Yang Da-il
05. From an angle to you-Seong Si-kyung
06. If you are not a flower-HYNN (Park Hye-won)
07. Stay With Me-Infant (Oh My Girl)
08. My Destiny-Miyeon ((G)Idle)
09. Fox Legend (Gumiho Opening Title)
10. Wol A Sonata (Score Ver.)
11. Ah
12. Sad relationship
13. The breakup of Samdocheon
14. The day the fox is married (Lee Yeon theme)
15. Foxing
16. Uninvited guests
17. Family
18. Imoogi
20. The Brothers
21. Wake up
22. That was all I did
23. Ki Yuri
24. Come back
25. Firefly

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