BTOB – 24/7 (Twenty Four/Seven)

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[UNSEALED] BTOB - 24/7 (Twenty Four/ Seven)

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1. Wow (Jpn Ver.)
2.Hello Mello (Jpn Ver.)
3.Guess Who’s Back
4.Fireworks (Hanabi)
5.The Future (Tomorrow) [未来(あした)]
6.Second Confession (二度目の告白) (Jpn Ver.)
7.Let’s Kiss Right Here Right Now (今すぐここでKissを交わそうよ)
8.Snow Light Road (Changsub Solo)
9.Beyond The Time
10.Lemonade (レモネード)
11.See You Again
12.Christmas Eve (クリスマス・イブ) (Vocal Unit)
13.Christmas Time (君だけを)

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